Custodial Services List of Cleaning Services


  1. Empty all trash containers, replace liners if needed.
  2. Dust and mop all classroom and floors.
  3. Clean all doors and surrounding glass.
  4. Spot clean fingerprints, smudges, etc. from door frames and surrounding glass.
  5. Clean and sanitize all bathroom fixtures, floors and mop bathroom floors with disinfectant.
  6. Remove all spots from carpets.
  7. Damp mop spills from all floors.
  8. Clean and maintain custodial rooms.
  9. Vacuum all public area carpets.
  10. Clean chalk board trays/boards (3 times weekly).

Twice per Week

  1. Sweep down stairwells.
  2. Private offices: Vacuum, dust, and sweep.

Once per Month

  1. Damp mop and high speed all hallway floors, spray-buff monthly, or more often as needed.

Twice per Year

  1. Strip and refinish tile floors.
  2. Shampoo all carpeted areas (except personal carpet).