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2010 APPA Award for Excellence in Facilities Management

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UNLV Wins Prestigious 2010 APPA Award for Excellence in Facilities Management

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The APPA Award for Excellence is the industry's highest honor and carries with it a 5-year recognition period. To qualify for the award and be considered for review, FM had to prove compliance with 57 criteria considered to be critical in meeting APPA's highest standards and best practices for the industry.

Facilities Management Mission Statement

The Facilities Management Department at UNLV is committed to maintaining state supported facilities in the most aesthetically pleasing and optimal operating condition possible. We recognize that our goal of creating and maintaining an environment that encourages and enhances the education experience must never be compromised and should always be at the forefront of every decision we make. We take the safety and well-being of all facility occupants seriously and strive to provide suitable and sustainable environments for all members of the campus community. We pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce and consider the varied viewpoints and opinions of our employees a valued resource. We are committed to responsibly caring for the assets entrusted to us in the most cost-effective manner possible. We will be accessible to the local, national, and international community and share our body of knowledge as appropriate in the spirit of outreach and mutual benefit. It is the goal of Facilities Management to be world-class in everything we do and create an identity that is synonymous with integrity, professionalism, and excellence.


  • We promise to care for facilities, building systems, and grounds in the best manner possible within the resources available to us.
  • We will seek out innovative techniques, ideas, incentives, savings, and new technologies to stretch our budget dollars and be as cost efficient as possible.
  • We will strive to promote the goals and ideals of a sustainable future in everything we do.
  • We will create and maintain a working environment for all employees conducive to good communications, skills enhancement, and professional development.
  • We will ensure that equity, diversity, and inclusiveness are key components in the way we conduct our business with everyone whether on campus or off.
  • We will work with all members of the University community and assist them with fulfilling their goals and requirements as appropriate whenever it is within our capacity to do so.
  • We will always look for ways to improve and enhance our operations while striving for excellence and becoming the best we can be.


  • High expectations for well maintained facilities, building systems, and campus grounds;
  • Conduct business ethically and with the highest level of integrity while showing due respect for those with whom we work, partner and contract;
  • Spend our resources wisely and responsibly while striving for the best value possible;
  • Adhere to all applicable codes, regulations and statutes in our daily work and provide a safe working environment for all;
  • Be a good neighbor in the community and set good examples;
  • Maintain high quality, sustainable facilities that support the UNLV mission.