Facilities Services vs. Departmental Responsibilities—Who Pays for What?

Facilities Management Responsibilities

  • Renewal and replacement of State-supported facilities
  • All maintenance and repair of State-supported property and installed, non-programmatic systems and equipment
  • Routine Grounds upkeep and planned Custodial services
  • Payment of all basic utilities: gas, water and electric

Departmental Responsiblities

  • All customer-requested renovations and space conversions due to a programmatic change
  • Replacing carpet because of color change or before end of its useful life
  • Painting rooms less than 7 years before the last painting or in preparation for new occupants
  • Maintenance and repair of non State-supported property, personal property, and programmatic systems and equipment
  • Services provided as a convenience to the customer that are not related to maintenance and repair activities as defined under Facilities Management Responsibilities