The following buildings have or will soon have hydration stations:

Brita Systems

  • Beam Hall (BEH)
  • Ham Fine Arts (HFA)
  • Beam Hall (BEH)
  • Ham Fine Arts (HFA)
  • Student Union
  • Classroom Building Complex Bldg C (CBC C)
  • Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC)
  • Carlson Education Building (CEB)
  • Boyd School of Law (BSL)
  • Lied Athletic Complex (LAC)
  • Lied Library 1st and 2nd floors (LLB)
  • Architecture Building (ARC)
  • Cottage Grove Parking Structure
  • Campus Services Building (CSB)
  • Shadow Lane Campus (SLC)

Elkay Systems

  • Dayton North and South (DAY)
  • Tonopah North and South (TON)
  • McDermott Physical Education (MPE) 300 Level
  • Judy Bailey Theater (JBT)
  • Classroom Building Complex Bldg B (CBC B)
  • Chemistry (CHE)
  • Flora Dungan Humanities Bldg (FDH)
  • Facilities Management Administration (FMA)
  • Tam Alumni Center (TAC)
  • Bigelow Health Sciences (BHS)
  • Herman Westfall Building (HWB)
  • Bigelow Physics Building (BPB)
  • Chemistry Building (CHE)
  • White Hall (WHI)
  • Stan Fulton Building (SFB)
  • James E. Rogers Center for Administration & Justice (RAJ)

More units to be installed soon!


Look for one of these Stations:

Hydration Station

Elkay Hydration Station


Get a refillable/reusable bottle and start enjoying FREE, CLEAN, COLD, FILTERED WATER!!!!! 



For more information, contact Tara Pike,
UNLV Sustainability Coordinator,
at 895-3760 or tara.pike@unlv.edu